About Alfen

With transformer substations, energy storage solutions, charge points for electric vehicles and a large portfolio of other products used to distribute energy, Alfen takes on a central role and is a connecting partner in the international electricity grid. The transformer substations delivered by Alfen supply millions of households and companies with energy, while the charge points recharge thousands of electric vehicles every single day.

  • Greenhouse horticulture

    For over ten years, Alfen is the number one partner for companies in the greenhouse horticulture industry. We provide for CHP connections, transformer substations and construct complete, privately owned high and medium voltage grids. This means we have vast experience with aspects such as installing lighting stations and connecting generators. Alfen provides for complete projects, from the initial design phase all the way to daily maintenance.

  • Grid Operators

    Alfen closely cooperates with various grid operators to future-proof the current electricity grid. By joining forces with grid operators, Alfen developed innovative solutions such as the ICU charge points for electric vehicles and Erado grid automation, while also equipping thousands of medium voltage facilities with digital remote fault passage indicators. Furthermore, Alfen offers the SOPRA energy storage solution, enabling grid operators to manage, store and use energy generated in a decentralized configuration.

  • Sustainable Energy

    As our society evolves toward a sustainable one, more and more electricity is generated from energy sources such as solar, wind and bio energy. In addition, electric energy is also increasingly being used to power electric vehicles. Alfen offers a portfolio of solutions to transform, store and distribute sustainable electric energy and is often partner in connecting solar parks and wind turbines. 

  • Industry

    Alfen is a highly reliable partner for industrial organizations in the field of distributing electric energy and the construction of electricity grids. Alfen delivers both separate prefab (transformer) stations and complete privately owned high and medium voltage grids. These are all fully serviced, turn-key solutions for the energy supply, which include all management and maintenance services.


  • Grid operator Liander

    Cooperation transformer substation

  • Grid operator Enexis

    Cooperation transformer substation

  • Enexis Grid Automation

    Substation automation project

  • University of Arnhem & Nijmegen

    Sustainable power plant

  • Balanced Smart Grid

    With charge points for electric vehicles

  • Solar Park Ameland

    Connection largest solar park in the Netherlands

  • Green Business Club Twente

    Smart charge points STEK

  • Cellular Smart Grid Platform


  • Looije Tomatoes

    Expansion of privately owned electricity grid

  • City of The Hague

    Public EV charge points

  • Kesgro Nursery

    Construction of electric energy supply

  • Greenhouse horticulturist NoordVliet

    Expansion of a privately owned electricity grid

  • Remote fault passage indicators

    Intelligent indicators for grid operator Stedin

  • HTM Tram operator in The Hague

    Construction of prefab accessible substation

  • Aspiration detection

    Intelligent aspiration detection for transformer substations

  • SOPRA Energy Storage

    Sustainable Energy Storage for ACRRES

  • Electric energy supply Van Bree-Rijks Nursery

    Van Bree-Rijks Nursery

    Construction of the electric energy supply

  • Gerbera United

    Lighting stations for greenhouse horticulturist

  • Conline-Rhenania

    Construction of the eletric energy supply

  • Tesla Superchargers

    Connection of Superchargers for Tesla Motors

  • Van Uffelen Flowers

    Construction of a private electricity grid

  • S.O. Natural

    Expansion of electricity supply and return deliveries of SO Natural Greenhouse


Alfen: the center and unifying factor in the electricity grid

With the introduction of a completely new visual identity and slogan, Alfen ushers in a new era. In the 75-year history of the company, the world has changed significantly and so has Alfen. But the company from Almere, the Netlerhands, is still the center and connecting factor in the domestic and foreign electricity grid. With its shield, the new logo reflects the reliability that Alfen offers whereas the spark symbolizes innovative power. The new slogan expresses the central role that Alfen has in the energy sector: Power to Adapt.

Smart charging with the Eve Mini

This April, ICU Charging Equipment has introduced the ICU Eve Mini, the latest charge point for electric vehicles in the ICU Eve range. ICU’s new compact charging station has been designed with a focus on optimal usability, combined with the most recent and innovative technology.

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