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High and medium voltage grid for companies in the private sector


Based on our technical know-how, our experienced mechanics and a large number of relevant products for the distribution of electric energy, Alfen provides complete solutions in the field of high and medium voltage grids in the private domain. Our decades of experience with electric installations, experience with a vast amount of projects and the internal product development enables Alfen to offer expert advice about the most efficient layout of any electricity grid.


  • Construction, management and maintenance of private grids

  • Connections to distribution grids with turnkey delivery

  • Integration of renewable energy sources

  • Equipment for generator connections


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Connecting solar and wind parks

Connecting solar and wind parks

The usage of solar panels is growing exponentially. Consumers and companies alike install more and more solar panels, while companies even construct their own solar parks. Solar panels are not only highly sustainable, but can also result in a significant cost reduction, especially when they are combined with an energy storage solution that stores the sustainably generated energy to sell it to the main grid when the highest rates are offered. Due to our extensive experience with large energy projects for both industrial and horticultural organizations, Alfen can construct complete solar parks for every type of company. Alfen provides full service to its clients, by caring for every step of the process: from delivering the panels, to completely installing them and providing for daily management and regular maintenance.

Generator connections

The connection of the medium voltage cable to the generator is an essential part of the electric installation. Daily practice proves this is a weak point in many infrastructures, often being the source of a significant disruption in continuity for companies. With the Sicuro, Alfen provides for junction boxes that guarantee a reliable generator cable connection. This solution helps to prevent cable lug ruptures and therefore contributes to securing organizational continuity. In addition to a safe connection, the Sicuro also enables switching the generator. The generator junction box delivered by Alfen requires no maintenance at all and has a guaranteed lifecycle of at least 50,000 switches; over ten times as more as traditional switches. Using a Sicuro therefore doesn’t only add to reliable generator switching, it also contributes to a significant saving on operational costs.


  • Grid Operators
  • Industry
  • Greenhouse Horticulture
  • Sustainable Energy


  • Energy storage Scholt and Giessenwind

    Energy storage Scholt and Giessenwind

  • Mega Energy System with Storage

    Mega Energy System with Storage

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  • Kesgro Nursery

  • Substations greenhouse

    Greenhouse horticulturist NoordVliet

  • Electric energy supply Van Bree-Rijks Nursery

    Van Bree-Rijks Nursery

  • Gerbera United

  • Conline-Rhenania

  • Tesla Superchargers

  • Van Uffelen Flowers

  • S.O. Natural

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