EV Charge Points

Reliable and high-tech charge points for electric vehicles


ICU Charging Equipment is our complete range of charge points to use at home, at work and at public places. These charge points are available in a large variety of charging capacities and functionalities. The unique combination of Alfen’s transformer substations, storage solutions and ICU’s charge points allow for optimal balancing of local grids. Visit the ICU website


  • Charge point for home, public and business use

  • DEKRA certified and tested by EV manufacturers

  • Back-office system to manage charging points and support transaction settlement

  • Sim-lock free: supporting multiple back-offices and transaction platforms


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Account Manager ICU

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Account Manager ICU

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The ICU product range

ICU offers a complete range of charge pointcharge point for every possible usage, at home, at work and at public places such as parking garages or city centers. Each of the charge pointchargers has its own specific properties, ensuring that every situation and every user is presented with an ICU charge pointcharge point that perfectly matches their needs.


Alfen offers various compact charge points to quickly and easily charge electric vehicles at home. The Alfen charge points are compatible with every possible electric car and are professionally installed at home. Another benefit: people driving a company car, can easily claim energy expenses with their employer.


A charge point located on the company’s premises, is an excellent service toward both customers and staff members, while also visibly radiating a future-oriented sustainability policy. Alfen delivers various types of charge points, including options to invoice electricity consumption to the user and have the charge point delivered in the company colors.


In 2008, Alfen delivered its very first charge point for public places in the Netherlands. Today, we created an international network of public charge points with a wide coverage. The ICU charge points have become a recognizable image at many places, and thousands of EV drivers rely on our charging equipment to recharge their cars.

E-charging plaza

At locations where many electric vehicles are being recharged, such as event locations, company terrains with many electric vehicles or neighborhoods where many people own electric vehicles, Alfen delivers complete charging plazas. A charging plaza enables simultaneous charging of many vehicles, by smart energy management that prevents the grid from becoming overburdened. By using solar panels and energy storage, the electric vehicles are also recharged in a fully sustainable way. Alfen provides for completely integrated solutions for charge points, transformer substations and energy storage.


  • Grid Operators
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Greenhouse Horticulture
  • Industry


  • Balanced Smart Grid

  • Green Business Club Twente

  • City of The Hague

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For more than 75 years, Alfen has been supplying products and services for the distribution of electrical energy and is the specialist in the field of compact and accessible transformer substations. Call us at +31 36 54 93 400 or send an e-mail.

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