Grid automation

Smart technology that provides insights in the electricity grid


  • Immediate malfunction notification and source localization

  • Real-time insights in transformer substations

  • Control public lighting

  • Modular integration in both new and existing transformer substations


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Public lighting management

Public lighting management

Every day, public lighting is switched on and off in transformer substations, often with an obsolete system not able to check if the lighting is actually switched on or off. In addition to measuring and communication functionalities, Erado can also be configured to remotely manage public lighting. The system operator can easily and remotely check whether the lighting was actually switched on, while being able to manage the entire configuration through a secure online environment. As such Erado offers grid operators a simple yet efficient way to gain insights in and manage the grid.

Smart metering

Erado enables the grid operator to, remotely from any possible location, obtain insights about what is taking place in the transformer substation and on the relevant electricity grid. This allows for further optimization of the grid’s performance and service requirements. Alfen has developed Erado in such a way that various sensors and remote fault passage indicators can be connected to it. As an official Horstmann agent, Alfen can deliver a complete solution. This means we can offer both all medium voltage equipment, as well as a large spectrum of sensors that can also be applied in the installed base.

Remote monitoring

For smart electricity grid management, the ability to remotely manage and communicate with the grid is of critical importance. Erado is equipped with a cloud connection allowing owners of transformer substations to access and configure their assets anytime, anywhere and with every device. As the grid operator is able to remotely read out and configure the grid, insights are obtained that help to determine the amount of electrical energy divided by every individual transformer substation. Furthermore, the grid operator can also immediately signal a malfunction in an individual station and deploy a service technician to it. Based on the data provided by Erado, the manager can directly switch the grid or parts thereof back if an error occurs. The result: less malfunctions and decreased downtime.


  • Grid Operators
  • Greenhouse Horticulture
  • Industry
  • Sustainable Energy


  • Enexis Grid Automation

  • Cellular Smart Grid Platform

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