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  • Unique solution for connecting solar PV farms

  • Optimal efficiency of sustainable electricity with energy storage

  • High-tech charging stations for every electric vehicle


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Energy Storage


The ability to temporarily store energy is key to attain maximum efficiency with electricity that was generated sustainably. With such a solution, solar or wind energy is stored and can be returned to the main grid when the rates are most attractive. With TheBattery, Alfen delivers a complete system that connects sustainable energy sources and stores it in batteries, while the allocation of energy for specific purposes on any moment is managed precisely.

Local smart grids

Many organizations rely on the expertise available at Alfen to connect their solar and wind parks. Alfen offers services in every step of connecting sustainable energy facilities and ensures a reliable connection that guarantees continuity. The solar park or wind turbine is delivered as a turn-key solution, for which Alfen can also provide for all management and maintenance tasks.

Charge points for electric vehicles

With the brand ICU Charging Equipment, Alfen has already delivered over 25,000 charge points for electric vehicles to countries all over the world. The ICU charge points therefore substantially contribute to full network coverage of charge points, and with that, the success of electric vehicles. The ICU charge points are compatible with each electric vehicle, are available in a wide range of types and models to answer every possible need and offer smart functionalities for aspects such as settling the costs of used energy.

Connecting solar PV farms

Alfen developed a unique substation concept for solar PV farms, resulting in a significant decrease in cabling needs and a reduction of energy losses


  • Transformer Substations
  • Grid Automation
  • Energy Storage
  • Electricity Grids
  • EV Charge Points


  • Energy storage Scholt and Giessenwind

    Energy storage Scholt and Giessenwind

  • Mega Energy System with Storage

  • Stedin and MisterGreen Loadbalancing

  • Duurzame energieopwek en opslag

    HAN University Sustainable Power Plant

  • Smart Grid in Balance

  • Solar Park Ameland

  • Green Business Club Twente

  • Cellular Smart Grid Platform

  • City of The Hague

  • ACRRES Sustainable Energy Storage

  • Tesla Superchargers

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