Utility Week Live 2019

Visit us at Utility Week Live at stand H2 in the Network Zone and learn about:

1. The NEW Eve Single S-Line

Our new Eve Single S-Line is a compact, OCPP-compliant smart charging solution priced for the domestic market. Based on the mature technology platform of our flagship Eve portfolio, it offers the interoperability, energy and grid optimisation features of our business products and already complies with the UK Government’s new requirements for smart charging which apply to its grants from July 2019. 
Our whole range offers:
  • the ability to respond to time-of-use tariffs & integration with smart energy solutions
  • dynamic load balancing functionality
  • a choice of any OCPP management system
  • OLEV 2019 compliance
To arrange a meeting at the event of for further information about the Eve Single S-line, please contact Geoff Dawson (Mob. +44 7399 511755 or mail to: g.dawson@alfen.com)

2. NEW unrivalled load balancing flexibility to complement TOU tariff and smart energy functionality

Any smart charging solution must, ultimately, be part of a larger ecosystem, where integration and interoperability are essential for energy and grid optimisation.  Our products have been specifically designed for this purpose. As well as being able to communicate and respond to wider energy solution technologies, they now offer static and dynamic load balancing to allow for optimal charging of vehicles within the confines of the grid connection. Rather than restricting customers to a single metering solution to deliver this, Alfen’s charge points can be integrated with any meter or energy management system that communicates via Modbus.
Static and dynamic load balancing can be achieved at both individual, and multiple networked, charge point level. Alfen’s Smart Charging Network allows for the integration of up to 100 single, or 50 dual socket, charge points on a single site. These all communicate with each other in a non-hierarchical mesh network, to ensure optimal distribution of load at all times and remove the reliance on a single ‘master’ unit to function correctly.  This unrivalled level of functionality makes Alfen a natural choice to help optimise:
  • Smart energy and grid projects
  • Smart homes 
  • Single site smart charging networks
  • Public infrastructure projects
To arrange a meeting at the event of for further information about our load balancing functionality, please contact Geoff Dawson (Mob. +44 7399 511755 or mail to: g.dawson@alfen.com).

3. What’s different about Alfen as a battery storage integrator?

While there is broad consensus that battery storage has a vital role to play in energy transition, uncertainty remains about the value streams that will constitute a positive business case for an asset which will be operational for over 15 years. The key to optimising the value of battery storage systems lies in their reliability and flexibility and, with 80+ years of grid manufacturing and integration experience and 8 years in the storage industry,  we know what it takes to deliver this. Our modular batteries are integrated both in front of, and behind-the-meter, in projects across Europe and used for:
  • frequency response
  • emergency back-up
  • micro-grids
  • peak-shaving
  • renewables optimisation
  • EV charging integration
We also offer a unique mobile large battery solution, transportable fully charged, to provide a flexible temporary storage or smart grid solution. 
To arrange a meeting at the event of for further information about our energy storage solutions, please contact Alex Earl (Mob:+44 7805 698 996 or mail to: a.earl@alfen.com).

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