The energetic application procedure

At Alfen, we go for growth. That is why we are always looking for enthusiastic colleagues to strengthen our teams. If you apply for a job, we appreciate it and believe it is important to follow a good and clear application procedure for all concerned. The application procedure is roughly as follows:

The steps: 

  1. Please fill in the online application form. If you have become enthusiastic about Alfen or a specific position, you can apply via the “apply” button in the vacancy text. Clicking this button will take you to an application form where you can fill in or add your motivation and CV. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application. 
  2. We will respond within 3-5 working days and possibly a telephone interview will follow to further discuss your experiences and ambitions. We will review your application carefully and respond within 2-5 working days. If we have become enthusiastic about your background, we will contact you by telephone to make a first acquaintance. During this call you can ask your first pressing questions and we will learn more about your wishes and ambitions. In this way, we can clarify the expectations on both sides. 
  3. A first and second interview follows. During the first and second interview we get to know each other. In terms of content, we discuss your personality, your CV, and the skills you have developed for the position. This way, we find out if you are the enthusiastic professional we are looking for. But also whether the position suits you and your motives for the future. 
  4. Possibly a third interview / assessment. Two interviews are often good enough for us to get a good picture. After the job interviews, you will hear as soon as possible whether the interviews went positive or not. You will receive an explanation of the choice we have made. Depending on the position, a third interview, assessment or obtaining references may be part of the procedure.  
  5. You receive a proposal. Have the interviews gone well on both sides? Then we will be happy to discuss the terms of employment and make you a suitable offer. 
  6. Congratulations. Welcome to the Alfen family! Have you agreed to the offer and signed the contract? Then we will get started together and you will get to know all the ins and out of our company during an informative onboarding.