Training courses for Alfen charging stations

Training courses for Alfen charging stations

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  • How do I install an Alfen charging station?
  • What kind of products do you have?
  • What are the Smart Charging solutions?

Answers to each of these questions are covered in the training program for Alfen Charging Equipment. This training program has been developed by specialists of Alfen and always contains knowledge about the latest products and functionalities of Alfen.

The training program has been developed for various target groups: resellers, product specialists, installers and service technicians. There are specific training modules for each target group.

Training and planning

There are 4 trainings you can follow at Alfen. The trainings are interactive and during the training you will immediately get to work with practical situations. This way you will immediately learn how our products can be applied.

The program contains two learning paths: the commercial and the technical learning path. There are two training courses for each learning path. You always follow the basic training first and then the expert training. Each training takes one day (09:00-17:00) and is given in Almere. 

It is possible to follow the basic and expert training of one of the learning paths directly after the other. It is also possible to follow the two basic courses directly after each other. See below for the schedule of upcoming training courses.

1. Commercial training Basic: Reseller


The reseller training is a complete training about Alfen products. During the training you will learn more about the market of EV charging stations, the different Alfen charging stations and where they can be used. You will also get an introduction to the back office systems, relevant standards, what is important when managing installers, application of smart charging functionalities and service conditions and possibilities on charging stations will be discussed.

For whom?

The training is suitable for project managers and sales managers who sell or will sell Alfen charging stations. It is important to have some basic knowledge of electric transport and charging.


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2. Commercial training Expert: Product


During the product training we go deeper into the product knowledge of Alfen charging stations. With a tender or project application as a case study, we look at the applications of Alfen charging stations, the possible configuration, ordering and logistics, the components in Alfen charging stations, back offices, firmware and relevant standards.

For whom?

The product training is suitable for people in commercial positions and specialists who manage projects with Alfen charging stations on a larger scale. For example, a tender or large-scale procurement. These include product managers, technical managers and bid managers. Participants have first attended the Reseller training course.


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3. Technical training Basic: Installation


During the installation training you will learn more about installing Alfen charging stations. We cover how to do a survey, how to install the product, cabling, installation protection, commissioning the product, configuring using the ACE Service Installer (including configuring smart charging), delivering the installation and error codes and troubleshooting.

For whom?

The training is suitable for anyone who carries out, controls or supports installation work. Think of installation project leaders, work planners, installation team leaders or technical support installers.


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4. Technical training Expert: Service


During the service training we go deeper into the technical knowledge of the product. On the basis of various cases, we learn more about the product knowledge and components, prepare a site visit for service, investigate malfunctions and determine possible solutions. Various service forms offered by Alfen are also discussed.

For whom?

The training is suitable for anyone who directs or supports service work. Think of project leaders service and maintenance, work preparers service and technical support engineers. Participants first followed the Installation Training.


The price of one day of training is €395,- per participant excluding VAT. Lunch is included. Possible accommodation costs are not included.


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What our participants say:

"Instructive for every installer recommended" 17-6-2022

"Fantastic interactive training!" 7-7-2022

"Very clearly and structured explained! Trainers top notch and very professional. Alfen install will be a lot easier! " 28-7-2022

Registration and information

Use the Schedule and Registration button, select the delivery date of your preference, and fill in the form,in the next steps. Would you like more information? Send an email to

There is a minimum number of participants per training. No later than 2 weeks prior to the training you will receive a final confirmation when the training will take place. Registrations will be processed in order of receipt. If the training of your preference is already full, you will receive a message from us. 

By registering for a training course, you declare that you have read and agree to our training conditions

In-Company Training

Alfen also offers the possibility of receiving training exclusively to a targeted group of employees of the same company. Training takes place on company premises or on a location to be provided by the company. Alfen will provide the instructor and necessary training equipment to execute the training. The number of attendees is limited to max. 10 participants.

Attendees of the In-company training courses should have similar roles, expectations and a level of knowledge to maximally profit from the instructions. Content of the course can be tailored to meet the needs and training objectives of the company. This in consultation with Alfen Training. At this point in time, Alfen offers in company training in Dutch. German and English for the Installation and the Service Training.  Reseller and Product training in consultation. Cost for a In-company training is €1730, - / £1499, -  (excl. VAT) per day plus T&E. Contact for more information and/or a quote.

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