The Alfen organization is characterized by a sense of teamwork and motivated, professional colleagues. Based on our focus on innovation, involvement in our society and attention for people, we even received the Entrepreneur of the Year award. During your internship, you might have noticed that we focus on training people. The prominent regional network VBA even designated us the “Internship company of the Year”. Since 2008, we have our own in-company training center. In a cooperation with the local Deltion College, a modern apprenticeship track was formed, with a professional and practical approach.

In our in-company training center, you will both be learning and working in daily practice, while being taught a solid dose of theoretical knowledge by an accredited vocational trainer. Various learning tracks are available, and once you’ve obtained your certificate, Alfen will support in you attaining all required competencies (skills and qualities), while we also motivate a continuous learning cycle after having attained all your basic diplomas.