Alfen has the mission to be an innovative thought leader in all its projects, products and services for the distribution of electric energy all across the globe. To accomplish this, Alfen uses its solid electro technical foundation as the manufacturer of transformer substations, in which the customer’s needs are always the first priority.

A continuous endeavor is underway to find an ideal balance between economic progress, personal staff member development and environmental impact.



Since its founding, Alfen has always been a staff member-oriented company: these people represent our competences and make a difference for our customers every single day. This is why considerable time and resources are invested in staff member training and we even have a fully-fledged and high-end in-company school. Furthermore, our staff members are increasingly becoming and being made aware about the environment and the earth. Their motivation and the joint effort in this awareness process, form the elements that are required to remain successful in this aspect of the Alfen operations.

Our initiatives

For many years, saving energy has been and still is a top priority within Alfen. And over time, we learned that the best way of succeeding in that, is to structure initiatives and explicitly integrate them into the company policies. This is why we chose to initiate the process to become CO2 performance ladder certified. The CO2 performance ladder proves to form a great match with the work methods and company culture within Alfen. With the Carbon Footprint Analysis, we obtain insights in our current energy consumption and carbon emissions, which enables us to define and implement realistic reduction targets.

In addition, we also became increasingly more aware about our environmental responsibility. This initiated our ambition to save energy and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. As we openly communicate about this topic and integrate strict checks inside our organization, our awareness keeps growing, while everybody involved contributes toward great results. This turns the reduction of our carbon footprint into an intrinsic part of our daily work.