Highest quality charger, most competitive price


The ICU Eve Mini is fully equipped with functionalities for financial transactions and smart charging. Just like any other Alfen charging point, the ICU Eve Mini is completely produced in Europe with exclusively A-quality components. Despite that, the ICU Eve Mini is competetively priced and offers unrivaled value for money.

Full colour display


Just like the Eve, the socket version of the ICU Eve Mini is equipped with a full colour display which shows the status of the charging station and provides instructions for the user. Additionally, the display offers a unique opportunity for tailored advertisement.

Always charge at maximum power


Through its unique smart meter connectivity, the ICU Eve Mini can adapt its charging capacity. This means that the ICU Eve Mini always charges at maximum power. The charger takes the consumption of other appliances into account and adjusts the power accordingly. In short, the car will always be charged as quickly as possible.

Free choice of service provider

Just like the other charge points of Alfen, the ICU Eve Mini is SIM unlocked. Thus, you have complete freedom in regards to the choice of your optional charging provider and payment system. Even if you want to switch providers, this is no issue with the ICU Eve Mini. There is no need to replace the chargers as is the case with other manufacturers.