Always a suited charging station for parking garages

Alfen's charging stations are suited for any electric car. Therefore, you always have the certainty that your visitors will be able to charge. Moreover, the products of Alfen are available in various charging capacities and with different functionalities. Because of this, there is always a charging station available that suits the requirements in the parking garage perfectly.

Remote access and management without additional costs

With the smart chargers of Alfen, you always have insight in the charging status and energy consumption. You can also manage access to the station remotely. This allows the administrator to add users and control opening times. If the charging station is connected through a LAN cable, this is without additional costs using Alfen's EZ management system.

Payment of charging costs

You can choose to be compensated for the power that users of the charging station consume. With Alfen's charging stations, this can be done fully automatically through the Internet. This way, you can earn back the investment in the charging station. Because Alfen charging stations are fully SIM unlocked, you can choose the provider and subscription that suits your needs the best.

Efficient connection and smart charging

The ICU Ece and ICU Twin charging stations of Alfen are capable of distributing the available charging capacity based on the installation. This means that a high power charging station can be connected to a more cost efficient electrical installation. If two cars are connected that require more power than the installation can deliver, the charging station will distribute the power over both vehicles automatically.


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