Complete installation of public charging infrastructure

An increasing amount of cities and municipalities identify the strong growth of electric mobility and take the initiative to strengthen the sustainability policy. The construction of a reliable charging network is an important step towards reducing CO2 emissions.

A sustainable initiative

With the installation of charging station in your city, you enable residents to choose electric mobility. A sustainable initiative, because electric driving reduces the emission of harmful gases in your city and facilitates cleaner air. In short, electric driving adds to a comfortable living environment.

Professional service organization

Alfen does not only facilitate installation of charging stations in your city but also provides management of the charging infrastructure and support for drivers. With a professional service organization, you can rely on Alfen for the right attention and expertise for your project.

Certified charging stations, a solid choice

Alfen's charging stations have been approved by independent testing authorities. As a result of this, Alfen has received the DEKRA and Z.E. Ready certifications as the first and only producer of charging stations in the world. By choosing Alfen, you therefore choose proven and tested charging infrastructure.

Experienced company with deep knowledge of energy

Alfen started developing charging stations in 2008 and therefore has extensive experience with charging electric vehicles in public locations. In addition, Alfen is leading in the market of transformer substations and energy storage. This makes Alfen to a company that not only knows how to charge electric vehicles, but also has knowledge about the power grid.

Solid partnerships for a complete service

Alfen is committed to supplying high quality charging stations and is therefore fully focused on development and production. For payment of charging costs and installation, Alfen works with trusted partners. This way, each aspect of your project gets the attention and care that it deserves from the expert in that field.


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