TheBattery HighDense

TheBattery HighDense is an industrial design for > 2MW energy storage solutions with an integrated transformer for MV connection. TheBattery HighDense has a high energy density as it allows for up to  3.3 MWh in one 40 ft. container. The system is often used for grid services or for blackstart and back-up functionalities. The system is often supplied in a multi-container configuration in which Alfen provides an end-to-end solution including medium-voltage switchgear and grid connection. 

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TheBattery Mobile

TheBattery Mobile is Alfen’s green alternative for diesel generators. It consists of a moveable 10 ft. container based on BMW i3 batteries. The compact design allows up to 422 kWh of energy capacity and up to 300 kVA of power. The system has an outside connection and operation panel with powerlocks and a HMI to connect and operate the system safely and quickly. TheBattery Mobile is often used sites where a temporary power supply is required, such as, festivals, construction sites and grid takeovers. 

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New opportunities

TheBattery balances energy supply and demand, avoiding significant investments in power grids and connections. In addition, TheBattery enables trading opportunities as well as autonomous electricity grids in combination with solar and/or wind energy. TheBattery is being used by multiple utilities, grid operators, large and small energy producers and traders, EV fast charging service providers and industrial production companies.




Take a look inside TheBattery in one of our projects:

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TheBattery comes as a Plug & Play standardized unit, manufactured, preconfigured, commissioned and tested in Alfen’s production facilities. This guarantees minimal on-site impact and instant operation. With storage experience since 2011 and renowned leadership in realizing grid connections, Alfen has the unique capability to supply a full turnkey offering for battery storage.


Highlights of TheBattery


Engineered based on 80 years’ experience and innovation in the electricity grid

Established development team with extensive experience of inverters, batteries, management software and auxiliary grid solutions.

Fully integrated end-to-end storage solution

Turnkey realization of complete battery projects including project management, substations, grid connection, remote monitoring and on-site service.

Standardized production with flexibility to adapt to your needs

Modular plug & play system, expandable over time to meet future demands and customization.

Best in class battery package and components

Independent selection of battery and component suppliers to ensure the optimal solution for each situation. Guaranteed lifetime with minimum 10 years performance warranty.

Continuous insights and remote management

Remote monitoring and management module based on Alfen´s extensive experience with electrical vehicle charging equipment.

Built for all applications and all environments

Experience with applications in load balancing, trading, frequency control and autonomous grids. Global client base of utilities, grid operators, large and small energy producers and traders, EV fast charging service providers and industrial production companies


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