Product description

Product name: RTU226
Software version: 1.5.9.
Production year: 2017

Technical specifications

Power supply: 230V/400V 50Hz 1.5A
24VDC (optional): 24VDC ± 10% 600mA max
Power absorbed: 11W average
Ambient temperature (operational): -20°C tot +70°C
Relative humidity (operational): 10% tot 95% (not-condensing)
Ambient temperature (warehouse): 0 tot 40 °C
Relative humidity (warehouse): <80%


Weight: 2.9 kg
Dimensions (lxbxh): 278 x 188 x 130 mm
Material: Polycarbonate, Polyamide Ral7035, UL508
Cover: Transparent
Protection: IP 44
Impact value: IK07
Fire class: LOI 35


Processor: ARM Cortex M4, STM32F427
RAM: 256 kbytes
Program flash: 2 Mbytes
On-board flash: 256 Mbytes
On-board EEPROM: 128 kbytes
Operating system: FreeRTOS
Status information: Separate symbols with LED indication
Communication: Network connection TCP / IP via Ethernet or mobile network. Communication protocol: OS3P Json websocket
Modem: On board Gemalto ELS61-E (4G-CAT1 + 2G) module, 2 x MMCX jack GPRS antenna
1 x SIM card holder mini-SIM (2FF)
Power Analyser (Internal):
Socomec DIRIS A10
Last Gasp unit:
Rated voltage: 24VDC
Capacity: 1800mAh
Battery type: Poly-carbon monofluoride Lithium
Security: Internal thermal switch and blocking diode
Lithium amount: 4.8g / unit
Compliance: IEC60086-4
Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, WS, WSS, FTP, NTP, MOD-bus, MOD-bus TCP/IP
Display (optional): HP tablet


External connections

1 x power supply: 230VAC L - N - PE
1 x power supply: 24VDC Alternative to power supply 230VAC
1 x Ethernet (WAN): RJ45 connector galvanically separated
1 x P1 Smart Meter Connection: RJ11 connector
1 x RS232 Display: (SUBD9 to USB)
1 x RS485: Modbus 1 internal connection power analyzer
1 x RS485: Modbus 2 connection external modbus IEDs
4 x relay: Potential free contact 16A max 400VAC
9 x low voltage input: Potential free contacts (max 24V), 3 x short circuit detection, 1 x access door monitoring, 1 x earth fault detection, 4 x reserve
4 x 230VAC input: 4kV galvanically separated

Internal connections

1 x Last Gasp connection: For optional Last Gasp module
4 x low voltage input: 1 x Cover, 3 x push button optional
1 x USB port: USB 2.0 Memory
2 x GPRS antenna: 4G-CAT1 + 2G network
1 x SIM stand holder: 4G-CAT1 + 2G network
Integrated sensors: Temperature for alarm and conditioning battery temperature, light sensor for controlling intensity of LEDs