Grid operators

Grid Operators

Working together on the electricity grid of the future


Alfen closely cooperates with various grid operators to future-proof the electricity grid. By joining forces with grid operators, Alfen developed innovative solutions such as the charge points for electric vehicles and power grid automation, while also equipping thousands of medium voltage facilities with remote digital fault passage indicators. Furthermore, Alfen's energy storage system TheBattery enables grid operators to manage, store and use decentrally generated energy.


  • Innovations to prepare the electricity grid for the future

  • 80 years power grid experience

  • Technology partner guarranteeing reliable grids


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Transformer Substations

Alfen has been the primary supplier of transformer substations for many grid operators. Based on a close cooperation, there is a very high chance that the energy you are using at this very moment, was at one point transformed and divided by an Alfen substation.

Grid Automation

Erado is a module that is integrated into transformer substations to easily connect them to the cloud. It offers grid operators real-time insights in and control over the electricity grid. The grid operator can easily switch public lighting on or off over the internet, while checking how much energy is used exactly and immediately notify any malfunction.

Energy Storage

In order to future-proof the electricity grid, Alfen offers a complete system for storing electric energy. This allows for the storage of energy that was generated in decentralized setting, for instance by solar panels, wind turbines and other sustainable sources. Peaks and troughs in the grid are absorbed by batteries, so that every bit of generated energy is optimally used.


  • Energy Storage
  • Grid Automation
  • Electricity Grids


  • Alfen expands micro grid for one of Europe's largest tomato greenhouses

  • Electric Nation UK

    Electric Nation UK

  • Cellular Smart Grid Platform

    Cellular Smart Grid Platform

  • Public chargers throughout Belgium

    Public chargers throughout Belgium

  • 3MW energy storage for Nuon

    3MW energy storage for Nuon

  • Grid operator Liander

  • Grid operator Enexis

  • Enexis Grid Automation

  • Cellular Smart Grid Platform

  • Tesla Superchargers

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