Solid housing perfectly suited for public locations

The ICU Twin has been specially designed for applications in public areas. The housing of the charging station has been made completely out of metal and blends in to the streetscape thanks to its neutral design. The ICU Twin has no protruding parts and has a sloped top so no objects can be put on top of the station.

One clear user interface with symbols

On the front, the ICU Twin has a clear user interface with user instructions, a card reader and four LED icons per socket that indicate the charging status. This guarantees optimal ease of use. the LED's dim automatically in the dark so that the charging station does not cause any light pollution.

Tested and certified

The ICU Twin has been applied in public locations for many years now and supplies tens of thousands of EV-drivers with a charged battery. Moreover, the ICU Twin has been thoroughly tested by car manufacturers and has been DEKRA and CE approved. The charging station has also received the prestigious Z.E. Ready certificate.

Save on connection costs

The ICU Twin is equipped with smart electronics which enables the charging station to adjust the charging capacity based on the capacity of the installation. This means that the ICU Twin can be installed on a cost efficient connection and the charging station automatically protects the installation. This way, powerful electric vehicles can charge on a cost efficient connection without overloading.