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Alfen is a highly reliable partner for industrial organizations in the field of distributing electric energy and the construction of electricity grids. Alfen delivers both separate prefab (transformer) stations and complete privately owned high and medium voltage grids. These are all fully serviced, turn-key solutions for the energy supply, which include all management and maintenance services.


  • Complete worry-free construction of a private electricity grid

  • Always the right solution with Alfen’s prefab compact or fully custom accessible substations

  • Management and maintenance for optimal reliability


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Transformer Substations

A reliable electricity supply is of critical importance for industrial corporations. The transformer substations manufactured by Alfen are a highly reliable choice, and are available in a large number of various types and versions to answer every possible need. Alfen also deliverers empty prefabricated casings to enable customers to outfit these casings themselves.

Energy Storage

Integrating energy storage solutions in industrial sites and projects, offers unique opportunities to increase the efficiency of electric energy storage. Energy that was generated sustainably can be stored and either be used internally, or be returned to the main grid when prices are most attractive. This helps to decrease the payback period for sustainable energy sources such as solar panels or bio energy. Energy storage solutions can furthermore serve as a back-up for grids lacking reliability, or as a buffer in settings where energy consumption may significantly vary on different moments.

Private electricity grids

For industrial corporations, Alfen provides for the complete construction of privately owned electricity grids. This means that Alfen can complete the entire electric energy supply: from the initial design phase, all the way to placement, construction and assembly, management and maintenance of solutions such as transformer substations, high voltage cables and energy storage solutions.


  • Transformer Substations
  • Energy Storage
  • Electricity Grids


  • Alfen charging stations as the solution for sustainable technology

  • Mobile storage with integrated ultra-fast charging solution

  • Alfen Elkamo as preferred supplier for Swedish grid operators

  • First FCR energy storage in Belgium

    First FCR energy storage in Belgium

  • EV Chargers for European Commission

    EV Chargers for European Commission

  • 3MW energy storage for Nuon

    3MW energy storage for Nuon

  • Mega Energy System with Storage

  • Solar Park Ameland

  • HTM Tram operator in The Hague

  • Conline-Rhenania

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With its large range of in-house developed products and vast experience as systems integrator, Alfen is building the electricity grid of the future: reliable, sustainable and innovative. Call us at +31 36 54 93 400 or send an e-mail.

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