Introducing: Chris Boerhoop


I’m Chris Boerhoop (25), and have worked at Alfen for 5 years now. I was referred to Alfen by an acquaintance who thought I would be a great match and was hired based on my profile. While I didn’t have any experience with electrical engineering whatsoever, I was awarded a spot at the Alfen’s in-house education program, the Alfen Academy, and received a complete education as a new staff member.


After becoming high-voltage (3kV) competent, I worked at the Rail department for a few years. Based on good results, I was promoted and became a team leader in the Maintenance & Malfunctions expertise.

Together with my two colleagues at the RAIL Department, I now ensure the continuity of the 3kV Static Frequency Inverters. These are placed in substations or other units along the railroad infrastructure throughout the Netherlands.


My motivation to start working in the energy industry was the fascinating energy transition which is now fully underway. Our old ways of energy production are coming to an end, while the new way of renewable energy and storage solutions are rapidly becoming the new standard.


It is simply awesome to be a small part of the global energy transition.