Project details


Alfen expands micro grid for one of Europe's largest tomato greenhouses


Middenmeer - the Netherlands





Alfen delivered a micro grid to provide the energy supply for a large-scale expansion at the tomato complex of CombiVliet in Middenmeer, the Netherlands. Responding to the industry-wide trend of automation, scale expansion and renewable energy, increasingly complex energy solutions are necessary.

Eight-step expansion programme

CombiVliet is a family business that produces approximately 70 million kilos of tomatoes annually, with NoordVliet Middenmeer as their largest location. At this location, CombiVliet and its partners are working on an eight-step expansion plan that was initiated in 2011.

Alfen has been supporting CombiVliet with the energy infrastructure for its greenhouse expansions since 2011. Currently Alfen delivered the entire medium-voltage private micro grid, including the local grid connection, consisting of more than 40 transformer substations for grow lights, two energy platforms for micro-grid management and a smart micro-grid solution with automatic emergency power. Besides supplying the further expansion of the facilities, Alfen provided the technology, project management, installation and commissioning of the micro grid as part of its service.