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Moerdijk, the Netherlands


A.Hak Products & Services

End customer


Conline-Rhenania, part of the A.Hak Products & Services division, is one of the leading pipe coaters in the world. Conline-Rhenania specializes in applying coatings to the inner and outer walls of pipes and pipeline segments, which are used all across the globe for the transport and distribution of oil, gas, water and other fluids.

Conline-Rhenania has production facilities in various Dutch cities, such as Maassluis, Dordrecht and Nijmegen, while a brand new and state of the art production facility was recently commissioned in Moerdijk. For the electric energy supply of this advanced production facility, fully fitted, indoor transformer substations are being used, which include electrotechnical main components. Alfen was contracted by Conline-Rhenania to install and complete the entire electric medium voltage installation.

For this project, Alfen delivered the following products and services:

  • 6 prefab concrete, accessible transformer substations
  • Main medium voltage distribution 30kV
  • 7 transformers, with capacities between 1.000kVA and 2.500kVA 30kV/420V
  • 7 low voltage distributors for electricity distribution to the MCC panels
  • Testing 30kV medium voltage cables
  • Grid configuration and short-circuit protection engineering
  • Commissioning in cooperation with the local grid operator and the end customer