Project details


STEK Charge Points


Twente, the Netherlands


Green Business Club Twente

To proactively solve the issue of having a shortage of EV charge points, various entrepreneurs in the Dutch Twente regions joined forces. This resulted in the STEK project, short for (in English) STimulating EleCtric transportation, an initiative started by the Green Business Club Twente.

Within the framework of the STEK project, it has been decided that over the coming years, 500 additional public charge points will be installed, all of them equipped with smart technology. The charge point network is created by the Green Business Club Twente, in a cooperation with the Industrial Association Twente and suppliers Alfen-ICU, Fudure and Greenflux.



As Alfen is an international leader with its ICU charge points, the company has been involved in this project from the very beginning, as it is deemed the most attractive partner for companies to purchase or lease charge points. The costs of energy consumption can be easily settled and invoiced over the internet, enabling these entrepreneurs to earn their investments back over the course of time.