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Cooperation grid operator Liander


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For many years, Alfen has delivered transformer substations to grid operator Liander. It is therefore partially owed to Liander, that many of the transformer substations that are present all across the Netherlands, were manufactured by Alfen.

In today’s world, simply supplying a product does no longer suffice. Alfen therefore designs and manufactures transformer substations in a close cooperation with grid operators, to answer to every specific need and wish the grid operator has for every specific situation. With its vast expertise and experience, Alfen builds high-quality stations, on which Liander can rely in their production chain.



A great example of the innovative solutions Alfen developed for and with grid operators, is the Peperbus (translated as Pepper Pot). This is a compact transformer substation developed by Alfen in a close cooperation with Liander. The main purpose of the design of this transformer substation, is to take up as little space as humanly possible in densely populated urban areas where ground is both scarce and expensive. The Peperbus transformer substation was therefore designed to be compact, and its cylindrical shape only takes up the space of a single parking place. This smart design therefore ensures an optimal usage of the available space.

For Liander, Alfen also cares for the entire process of transporting, placing and installing their transformer substations. With that, Liander is unburdened by a reliable partner that offers a complete service portfolio for their logistical processes and their transformer substations.