Project details


Construction of a prefab accessible substation for HTM


The Hague, the Netherlands


HTM (Tram operator in The Hague)

Due to the renovation of a tram depot owned by The Hague tram operator HTM, Alfen was asked to build a new substation. A close cooperation with the customer ensued, to find the ideal solution to place a brand new station at a location where space was extremely limited. During this project, Imtech also installed two large 2,500kVA traction transformers and a rectifier for the energy supply for this part of the tram network in the city of The Hague.


For this project, Alfen delivered the following products and services:

  • Creating the constructional designs;
  • Constructing the foundation;
  • Constructing the poured cellar and a prefab station that was finished on-site;
  • Equipping the station with doors and grids and a computer floor;
  • Waterproof station completion.