Project details


Van Bree-Rijks Nursery


Meijel, the Netherlands



End customer

Kwekerij Van Bree-Rijks

The demand for the tomatoes grown by the Van Bree-Rijks nursery keeps increasing. This is why the company decided to upscale their production capacity. For the expansion of their electric installation, Alfen was contracted.

The greenhouses used for growing the tomatoes are located on a terrain of almost 3 hectare. Accommodating the lighting requirements and the connection required a significant expansion of their electric infrastructure. Alfen solved this challenge for the customer by delivering and placing a compact Diabolo 40H transformer substation, while the generator field was also converted.

For this project, Alfen delivered the following products and services:

  • Conversion ABB generator field to Sicuro field
  • Adding an ABB switching field
  • Installing a Diabolo 40H transformer substation including underground cables
  • Commissioning medium voltage elements