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Expansion Van Uffelen Flowers




Van Uffelen Flowers B.V.

For Van Uffelen Flowers, Alfen delivered various compact and accessible transformer substations, while also implementing the CHP connection with a Sicuro generator junction box type 116. Furthermore, we also converted a transformer substation already present at the site that was previously delivered by a third party, to obtain a new, efficient and optimally functioning infrastructure.

One of the challenging aspects of this project was the specific location of one of the stations, which was quite difficult to access. As Alfen offers a flexible portfolio of stations, we opted for a solution in which the station was delivered to the location in segments. From that point on, the prefab concrete elements allowed for a relatively easy on-site assembly. Combined with a flexible work method, this station was completed at the desired location and within a limited timeframe.

For this project, Alfen delivered the following products and services:

  • 2x Diabolo transformer substation;
  • 1x Accessible transformer substation build on-site;
  • 1x conversion of an existing transformer substation;
  • 1x Sicuro 116 generator junction box;
  • CHP medium voltage and control current cables;
  • Medium voltage underground cables;
  • Deployment of certified service technicians for commissioning the stations in a joint operation with the local grid operator and the CHP supplier.