Management and insight, always and everywhere

Your charging data is stored and managed in the cloud. This means that you always have real-time access to your charging station from any location and you can view how much power has been charged. Moreover, you can easily export charging data to a spreadsheet for administration purposes.

Operating times and access management

Through the management system you can control the most important features with regards to your charging station. For example, you can change opening times or manage access to the station by adding or removing charging cards.

Wired or wireless access

The smart charging stations of Alfen are equipped with an ethernet port or a SIM card. This allows the charging station to connect to the internet via a wireless connection with GPRS or wired connection with a local network.

Remote service

With Alfen's management system, it is possible to provide remote service. As a result of this, the professional service organization of Alfen can support you remotely but you also have control over the charger yourself. For example, it is possible to carry out a remote reset or to unlock the plug.


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