Certified energy meter, suited for declaration

The high-tech charging stations of Alfen are equipped with an energy meter that keeps track of the consumed energy. This is ideal for drivers of company cars who charge their car at home and want to be compensated by their employer or owners of public charging stations who want to receive payments from guest users. Alfen only uses high quality, certified energy meters suited for declaration to employer or tax authorities.

Compensation for charged electricity at home

As a driver of a company car, you most likely want to be compensated by your employer for power that you charge at home. With the charging stations of Alfen, this can be done automatically through the cloud. Meter values can be sent to the leasing company or employer automatically and can subsequently be compensated.

Earn back your charging station

If you have a charging station installed at your company or in a (semi) public location, you can choose to have the user pay for the charging costs. This way, it is possible to earn back the investment in your charging infrastructure. Alfen offers various plans, so you can choose the service that suits you best.

SIM unlocked, free choice of service provider

With Alfen, you are not bound to a fixed subscription or service provider. For billing, Alfen works with various well known providers. Therefore, you are completely free in choosing the charging plans and services that fit your needs the best. In other words, fully SIM unlocked charging stations.