Professional service organization

With Alfen, you choose for the certainty of a charged battery and reliable electric charging. If necessary, you can always count on Alfen for the right support. We have a professional service organization so you can always contact us in case of questions about the functionality of your charging station.

Remote support

The high-tech chargers of Alfen are equipped with a modem, with which they are connected to the internet. This means that you, but also the service experts of Alfen, can always view the real-time status of the charging station. In the event of an unexpected error, the problem can often be detected before the user notices. Moreover, many issues can be resolved remotely, which results in a higher reliability and lower costs.

Knowledge center

Alfen has been active in the market for electric mobility since 2008. Thanks to many years of experience, Alfen has gained a vast amount of knowledge about charging electric cars. In case of questions, you are always assisted quickly and professionally.


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