Guaranteed lifetime

In addition to a safe connection, the Sicuro also enables switching the generator. The generator junction box delivered by Alfen requires no maintenance at all and has a guaranteed lifecycle of at least 50,000 switches; over ten times as more as traditional switches. Using a Sicuro therefore doesn’t only add to reliable generator switching, it also contributes to a significant saving on operational costs.

Unique solution

The product range of Sicuro junction boxes provides for maximum safety and continuity in connecting the generator. Furthermore, the Sicuro is a unique solution in the industry, as it combines various innovative elements:

  • A vibration-resistant cable connection
  • Maximum personal safety
  • Integrated surge protector to protect generator windings
  • Integrated voltage and electricity transformers
  • Circuit-breaker equipped for 50,000 switches without maintenance
  • Suitable for virtually all medium voltage generators
  • Independent synchronization of preceding medium voltage installation
  • Preceding medium voltage installation may be a more basic edition, leading to a cost reduction
  • High short circuit currents in a compact casing
  • Complies with all applicable international norms and standards


The Sicuro junction boxes are available in the following editions:

  • Sicuro 5: Cable intervention set
  • Sicuro 15: Generator junction box with surge protection

  • Sicuro 10 and 35: Generator junction box with surge protection and equipped for measuring meting

  • Sicuro 110,116,126 and 310 generator junction box with surge protection and switch


Specifications of the Alfen Sicuro product range

  Sicuro 5 Sicuro 10 Sicuro 15 Sicuro 35 Sicuro 110 Sicuro 116 Sicuro 310
Flexible cable connection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Surge protection No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Generator switch No No No No Yes Yes Yes


No Optional No Optional Optional Optional Optional
Maximum voltage 12kV 12kV 12kV 17,5kV 12kV 12kV 24kV
Maximum current Kabel 630A 500A 800A 630A 630A 630A
IAC classification n.a. AFLR AFL AFLR AFLR AFLR AFLR
Electric arc malfunction current n.a. 20 kA 20 kA 31,5 / 40 kA 20 kA 20 kA 16 kA
Arc fault duration n.a.. 1 sec 0,5 sec 1/0,5 sec 1 sec 1 sec 1 sec
Number of poles 3 3 3 3-4 3 3 3