TheBattery Mobile is Alfen’s green alternative for diesel generators. It consists of a moveable 10 ft. container based on BMW i3 batteries. The compact design allows up to 422 kWh of energy capacity and up to 300 kVA of power.

The system has an outside connection and operation panel with powerlocks and a HMI to connect and operate the system safely and quickly. This system can be operated both on-site and from a remote location.

TheBattery Mobile is often used on sites where a temporary power supply is required, such as festivals, construction sites and grid takeovers.

The specifications provided are for TheBattery Mobile, but Alfen also offers stationary systems for microgrid applications. Please contact us for more information.

Casings 10, 20 and 40ft containers
Energy capacity Up to 422 kWh

Power capacity

250 - 300 kVA
Output Low voltage powerlock connection, 1 unput and 2 outputs, supports TN and IT grids

TheBattery Connect control/ monitoring platform, multi-container operation