Transformer substations

Transformer Substations

Craftsmanship combined with decades of experience and innovative technology


Prefab transformer substations are our primary expertise. Alfen built its very first transformer substation over 50 years ago, and we have been working hard to equip them with the latest technological developments and innovative solutions ever since. Alfen transformer substations are tailored solutions, ensuring they provide matching answers to every situation and user profile. We take pride in the fact that we have delivered tens of thousands of stations to grid operators, industrial corporations and the horticultural industry.

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  • Number one choice of grid operators

  • Casings made from premium quality concrete

  • Tailored solution for specific applications

  • Designs and tests compliant with IEC 62271-202

  • Available as consumer substation and lighting station for the greenhouse horticulture industry


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Accessible prefab stations

Accessible prefab stations

For situations that require more power and flexibility, Alfen delivers prefabricated accessible stations. We offer tailored stations to answer to the unique needs of every situation, but also empty casings to enable clients to create their own configurations. The modular construction of the prefab stations allow them to be used for virtually every possible application.

Compact Station

Alfen is an industry leader in the field of compact transformer substations. Over the years, the iconic Diabolo compact station became highly recognizable in many landscapes as grid operators have opted for this compact transformer substation on many occasions. The Alfen Diabolo is available in a large variety of capacities, which makes it the perfect transformer substation for every situation and application.

Consumer substation

Consumer substation

The Alfen consumer substations are specifically designed for installing medium voltage facilities with measuring equipment. These solutions are therefore highly suitable for utility companies and have been accepted by grid operators as such. The Alfen consumer substations are highly flexible in terms of outfitting and were developed for all European closed medium voltage switches. Consumer substations can be delivered as a modular, compact station, or as a fully customizable and accessible room.

Indoor transformer substations

Indoor transformer substations

For the conversion of existing spaces to medium voltage facilities, Alfen offers indoor transformer substations. The area is converted into a suitable environment, compliant with all transformer substation requirements, while we completely outfit the compartment with medium voltage facilities. In this respect, we are of course aware that every building is built differently, and that every square meter inside a building is precious space. This is why our designs for indoor stations are fully customized and tailored to the specific situation.

Special and customer-specific stations

Special and customer-specific stations

In addition to our sizeable portfolio of tailorable solutions, Alfen can also design specific solutions for electric infrastructure. In close cooperation with both grid operators and municipalities, we developed numerous customer-specific stations. One of the most iconic inventions is our design of the so called Peperbus (Pepper pot) transformer substation. This station has come to define many landscapes, such as the canals in Amsterdam, where it has a dual function as an advertising column. The custom stations developed by Alfen can either be used for electricity or gas.

Transformer substation rentals

Alfen transformer substations are perfect solutions to use during temporary projects. This provides for a reliable energy supply, while eliminating the need to invest in purchasing a substation. Alfen provides a complete solution for its clients by carrying out the entire advice and delivery process, by offering advice and carrying out the placement, assembly and connecting the station, while decommissioning the station and returning everything once the project is completed.

Which Transformer Substations is right for me?

Alfen can deliver many types of transformer substations. You can help us to advice you better by answering some basic questions. After receipt of your information one of our advisors will contact you to discuss the best proposal for your situation.


  • Greenhouse Horticulture
  • Grid Operators
  • Industry
  • Sustainable Energy


  • Local grid connection for IONITY's network of EV fast charging stations

  • Integrated, smart energy solutions supplied to Caparis locations

  • Micro grids for two Ecorus solar parks of 10 and 17MWp

  • Micro grid for 34MWp solar park Zuyderzon in Almere

  • Alfen Elkamo as preferred supplier for Swedish grid operators

  • Local grid connection for innovative floating solar park

  • Alfen expands micro grid for one of Europe's largest tomato greenhouses

  • 3MW energy storage for Nuon

    3MW energy storage for Nuon

  • Energy storage Scholt and Giessenwind

    Energy storage Scholt and Giessenwind

  • Grid operator Liander

  • Grid operator Enexis

  • Enexis Grid Automation

  • Looije Tomatoes

  • Kesgro Nursery

  • Greenhouse horticulturist NoordVliet

  • HTM Tram operator in The Hague

  • Electric energy supply Van Bree-Rijks Nursery

    Van Bree-Rijks Nursery

  • Gerbera United

  • Conline-Rhenania

  • Tesla Superchargers

  • Van Uffelen Flowers

  • S.O. Natural

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