Alfen Peperbus

The Alfen Peperbus is an icon in the streetscape of many large cities and is most often used on locations where transformer substations are supposed to take in a minimum amount of space. The Peperbus has the following properties:

  • Maximum 630 kVA, 16 descending [A1] LV groups
  • Maintenance-free concrete casing and stainless steel doors
  • Quick installation by on-site prefab delivery
  • Classic and detailed appearance
  • Generates additional revenue with advertising space
  • Proper accessibility for service technicians
  • Flexible interior layout


Flexible layout

The three areas in the Peperbus can be flexibly fitted. By default, the station is equipped with a Magnefix MV installation.


Effective heat dissipation

To prevent advertisements covering the ventilation grids, heat dissipation is taken care of via the station’s roof. With a day-night curve, the 630 kVA transformer can bear a 100% load factor.


Solid casing

The casing is made from premium concrete and therefore requires no maintenance.


Compact design

By placing the transformer on top of the MV and LV equipment, a highly compact configuration can be built. The transformer can be exchanged through the detachable roof.


Oil drip tray

The transformer is installed in a solid, sealed drip tray. In the exceptional event of an oil-leaking transformer, the oil is discharged to a steel barrel so that it doesn’t leak onto the MV and LV equipment.


Easy cable entry

The various cables can be easily entered into the station with the detachable cover panels located under the doors.


Iconic appearance

By using a steal mold that features much detailing, this Alfen transformer substation has the classic look of the traditional Pepper Pot.



The Peperbus is designed to optimally use the available space and has the following dimensions: 188 cm x 490 cm (diameter x height above surface level).