Benefits of renting an Alfen transformer substation for temporary projects include:

  • Low prices, limited investment
  • Always a tailored solution that answers the needs
  • Quickly deployable
  • For short and long term solutions
  • Expert advice by Alfen for the entire project


Temporary energy

An Alfen rental station ensures ease of use and reliability. Alfen offers various options for the construction of temporary energy supplies. Clients are fully unburdened as Alfen provides for every single aspect: advice, transport, placement and removal of the station at the end of the rental period. And of course, all maintenance is also included.


Low usage costs

In all flexible or fixed configurations, the transformer substation will be connected to the existing electricity grid of the local energy corporation. Thus, the eergy consumed can be purchased for the same low rates that are available for a regular, permanent connection. This is contrary to many temporary aggregates, where the additional costs per kWh, as well as the additional noise nuisance and maintenance costs, are much more expensive.


Fits your needs

Based on the vast experience with the electricity grid at Alfen, various efficient default options are available for rental solutions. Although this answers many of the needs, some situations have more specific requirements. If this is the case, then Alfen can offer a solid advice and find a fitting solution. Rentals are available for various months, or even various years, while a lease-purchase construction is also available.