Because electric cars have a battery with a high capacity, it is usually charged continuously for various hours. While charging, the car draws the maximum amount of power that a socket can deliver and is being used heavily. This can cause fuses to blow or, in a worst case scenario, cause a fire. A charging station has been specially designed to provide the amounts of power that an electric car draws for many hours. With a charging station you therefore charge safer, without risk and with more reliability.

Faster charging

A regular outlet offers a limited amount of power. This means that it takes longer to recharge the battery of your electric vehicle. Especially with cars that carry a battery with a high capacity, charging with a regular outlet is virtually not an option. Because a charging station is especially designed to charge an electric car, it can deliver more power and thus charge the car faster. Depending on the type of charging station and your connection, a charging station charges two up to ten times as fast as a regular socket.

Compensating charging costs

Possibly, you will charge your electric company car at home and you would like to be compensated for the costs of the charged electricity. Or you install a charging station at your office building and you would like the users to pay for the consumed energy. In contrast to a standard outlet, with a charging station this can be arranged in an easy and automated way. Moreover, a charging station offers the functionality to decide who has access to the station and between which times of the day.

Which charging station is the best for me?

Alfen offers a perfectly suited charging station for every application, be it at home, at the office, in a parking garage or in public areas. The chargers of Alfen have all been tested with and are suited for every electric car. Would you like to know which charging station suits your needs the best? Click on the button below to receive a personal advice from one of our charging experts.

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