Vattenfall chooses Alfen to supply 4,000 charge points for Dutch provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg

Vattenfall selected Alfen to supply smart charging infrastructure for electric driving in municipalities of the provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg. Vattenfall was assigned this important contract by the provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg and is responsible for deploying and exploiting the charging stations. Alfen is proud to be the supplier of these smart public EV charging stations.

The installation period has an initial term of two years. During this period, the first 2,000 Alfen Twin charging stations will be commissioned. With the installation, the participating municipalities in the provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg will be supplied with 4,000 charge points. It is possible to extend the number of charging stations if so desired during the period of installation.

The Alfen Twin is designed for the urban environment with a high usage volume and is suitable for every semi-public or public space. This particular Alfen charging station has a double socket in a robust and vandal-proof steel casing with curved surface so no litter or debris can accumulate on top of the charging station. They are manufactured in the Dutch Alfen factory from top-quality components and are rigorously tested and independently certified. All products that Alfen manufactures are designed to be robust, safe, and reliable. Additionally, each charge point made by Alfen is suited for all electric vehicles and charging cables.

With the deployment of these smart Alfen Twin charging stations, the provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg and the participating municipalities, facilitate the ever-increasing demand for charge points as a result of the growing number of electric vehicles. Also, they stimulate the application of the latest innovations in the field of EV charging.

Pieter van Ommeren, Director E-Mobility at Vattenfall, says: "Fossil-free living within one generation, that is our mission. That is why we are fully committed to electric driving. We make sure that electric drivers can easily charge their vehicles at an affordable price. The Alfen charge points have been a household name on the streets for years and have certainly proven to be reliable. With its smart charging stations, Alfen is the right partner that fully supports our ambition."

Jan-Anne Hoekstra, Commercial Director EV Charging Equipment at Alfen adds: "Vattenfall is a valued partner that we have collaborated with for years. We are proud that together we can contribute to the objectives of the provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg. With the installation of our smart and reliable charging stations we ensure that EV drivers in the south of the Netherlands can safely and optimally charge their vehicles. This project contributes to the ambition of the Netherlands to have approximately 2 million charge points by 2030."

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