Alfen welcomes 500th Dutch employee


Mayor Franc Weerwind was a guest at the fast-growing Almere company Alfen on Wednesday 2 September. After alderman Maaike Veeningen put an employee with a 50-year employment contract at Alfen in the spotlight last week, there was now a small celebration for the 500th employee.





Growth with the human touch

This manufacturer of charging stations, transformers and energy storage systems is growing and growing rapidly. Alfen is the showpiece of the Amsterdam stock exchange with a fourfold increase in share value and a promotion to the stock top is imminent.

Managing director Marco Roeleveld is rightly proud of this, but not only of it. What we hold dear is that we do this together. Everyone at Alfen contributes to this and plays his or her part. We want to grow and we will grow; we are active in several countries in Europe with branches, but with a human touch. There is care and an eye for people'. This is also evident from the functioning of Alfen's company school, which was founded in good consultation with the vocational education sector. It offers approximately 60 employees within the company specialised vocational training at levels 2 and 3 and progression to level 4. The training courses for level 2 and 3 take place at Alfen's location, so that the lines of communication are short. Employees who are unable to come along properly, or who regularly fail to complete their homework, are not punished, but guided. We are going to see what the problem is, whether the material has to be given in a different way, whether we have to guide the employee through the material not in 2, but in 3.5 years. In addition, there are also employees who do the training more quickly. We take a seat next to the employee'.

Proud of Almere

Roeleveld - who has been with Alfen for 23 years - talks about his company with enthusiasm and fire. Just like the mayor talked about his passion for Almere. Almere has so much to offer, so many things to be proud of, although they do not yet have the status and history of older cities. I cordially invite Alfen to work with the city council to promote our city, as Almere expresses its pride in those beautiful businesses in our city'. We immediately made an appointment for the entire college to visit Alfen. And with a nod to Alfen's enormous growth, also on the stock exchange, Franc sighed: 'I wish I had bought some Alfen shares!

The 500th...

The above description would almost divert attention from the actual reason, but that was by no means the case at the meeting. On the stage, with a large distance between the two speakers, stood the 500th employee, Ghislaine Koolman (29 years old), from Nieuw Vennep. On her 2nd working day as Operations Quality Engineer at Alfen, she was welcomed with music and flowers. Ghislaine said that she very consciously chose Alfen, after an earlier job in the automotive industry, because of the contribution to the energy transition and the atmosphere and focus on the people. A powerful young woman in a (still) predominantly male-dominated technical company, who makes it clear that a transition to more women in technology is also taking place in this area. The mayor was cordially invited to encourage his still young daughters to work in technology. Because Alfen will continue to grow and needs new talents. In production, service, software development and sales. In this sector 'never a dull moment'. And all this has been carried out with an exemplary implementation of the corona measures.

Source: Frans Zwagemakers- Advisor Economic Affairs Almere Netherlands

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