31 May 2022

Alfen builds 12MW energy storage system with black start functionality for Finnish wind farm

Alfen is building Finland’s third largest electrical energy storage facility for EPV Energy's Teuva wind farm. When completed in spring 2023, the facility will support EPV Energy's renewable electricity strategy and enable several innovative applications like black start functionality. The facility will have 12MW of power and 12MWh of energy capacity.

There’s a great need for storage as more electricity is produced from renewable sources, offering many opportunities for Alfen’s energy storage system.

“The Alfen battery storage facility will enable more flexibility and bring much-needed fast balancing capability to the power system”, says Niko Toppari, Managing Director of EPV Akkuhybridi Oy. If, for example, we were to experience a major grid failure or an energy production resource drops out of the grid unexpectedly, the battery energy storage facility would secure the balance of the electricity system. What is really new and innovative about this project is that this Alfen battery can also be used to ‘black start’ the wind farm. In the event of a power outage, the wind farm can be restarted with energy from Alfen’s system. In this way, the new battery system will serve as a strong risk management tool in EPV Energy's production portfolio.”

This new electricity storage facility in Teuva will use Alfen’s latest battery technology: TheBattery Elements is a new industrial and more modular design for >1 MW energy storage solutions. The batteries are delivered in smaller, more flexible outdoor units instead of the traditional large marine containers. The modules are a more efficient way to match capacity to the customer’s needs, including for large scale projects. Alfen also offers an end-to-end solution, including local grid embedding and network integration. 

“We are proud that EPV selected us to supply the smart grids as well as our energy storage systems with these innovative applications for this project", says Yves Vercammen, Business Development Director for Alfen’s energy storage solutions. “A few years ago, we acquired Finnish company Elkamo to strengthen our position in smart grid solutions in the Nordics and lay the foundation for these types of projects in the Scandinavian market. Through our subsidiary in Finland, we can offer the best service locally and further strengthen our partnership with EPV in the future."