EV Chargepoint installation and producttraining

Alfen offers a complete range of charging points for home, business and public areas. The smart charging points come in a wide variety of load capacities and functionalities. The powerful combination of Alfen's transformer substations, energy storage systems and charging points makes it possible to balance decentralised generation and use. Sharing our expertise, knowledge and best practices in the sector is part of our mission.


Training courses overview 2020

The exact training dates for the second half of 2020 will be announced soon. Check our website for updates regarding new training days

Month Date Language
January T  
February Thursday 20 th and Friday 21 th February 2020                                                        Thursday 27 th and Friday 28 th February 2020


March Thursday 26 th and Friday 27 th March 2020 Dutch
April Thursday 16 th and Friday 17 th April 2020 English
May Thursday 28 th and Friday 29 th May 2020 Dutch
June Thursday 18 th and Friday 19 th June 2020 English
July No training due to summer holidays.  
August No training due to summer holidays.  
September T.B.D  
October T.B.D  
November T.B.D  
December T.B.D  

What do we cover during the training sessions?

During the training we cover the most important aspects of installation requirements and safety, including: electrical components, safety measures during installation, safety components, installation analysis, installation checklists, troubleshooting and much more. See below for a complete overview.


  • What is an electric vehicle?
  • Why use a charger?
  • The types of plugs
  • About charging cards
  • Who are charging station operators?
  • About back office & charge point management systems
  • Installation requirements
  • Installation manuals
  • User Interfaces
  • Alfen products in general
  • What is Smart Charging & Load Balancing and how to use it?
  • Using the ICU Connect back office (similar to other)
  • Using the ICU Service Installer (Alfen Configuration Tool)
  • Parts general
  • Replacing parts
  • Basic troubleshooting


Prices for this training are € 250, - (e.g. VAT) per person for 2 days of training.


Hefbrugweg 28 - 1332 AP - Almere - Netherlands

Registration and information

To register, fill out the form below. If you would like more information, please send an e-mail to: training@alfen.com, or call +31 36 549 34 02.