03 Febbraio 2022

Alfen supplies mobile battery storage to accelerate Bredenoord’s path to sustainability

Bredenoord, an international company that develops, supplies, maintains and operates mobile energy systems worldwide, has selected Alfen to supply multiple mobile energy storage systems. With the purchase of the Alfen batteries, Bredenoord is expanding its existing energy storage fleet in order to meet its customers' growing demand to reduce emissions.

Alfen’s TheBattery Mobile consists of a transportable 10 ft. container, with automotive batteries. The compact design supplies up to 422kWh in energy capacity and up to 300kVA in power. These containerised battery systems are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of existing and new applications. The design of this system allows for safe and easy transportation which makes this system highly suitable for applications where a robust temporary power supply is required, such as construction sites, events, back-up power supply or as part of a hybrid energy solution. 

The purchase of these systems fits with Bredenoord's strategy to offer energy solutions anytime anywhere, especially where energy is not always certain or easily available. With these batteries, Bredenoord offers a green alternative to diesel generators, an important step in the mobile energy transition. Bredenoord choose Alfen because of its proven solutions in mobile battery energy storage for many years.

"Bredenoord already started using batteries more than 10 years ago. In these years we have seen how energy storage in batteries has developed enormously, which means that we can now deploy smart multifunctional systems”, says Toon Bruining, CCO at Bredenoord. "We believe that mobile storage systems are needed to meet the future requirements for temporary energy supply. The purchase of these industry-leading mobile Alfen systems is therefore a logical addition to our product range to meet our growing customer demand for temporary power solutions with reduced emissions.”

Stephanie Schockaert, Sales Director Energy Storage at Alfen, adds: “We are very proud of this assignment from Bredenoord. With our mobile energy storage systems, specially developed for temporary locations, both our companies can contribute to a better environment whilst meeting temporary energy demand.”