21 Novembre 2022

Alfen’s EGM appoints Jeanine van der Vlist as member to the Supervisory Board

Alfen N.V. (“Alfen”) announces that its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) has today appointed Jeanine van der Vlist as new member of Alfen’s Supervisory Board until the AGM of 2027. The Supervisory Board extends its board with a 4th member in order to anticipate on future growth and further internationalization of the company.

The Supervisory Board is pleased with the qualifications that Jeanine van der Vlist brings to this position. Ms. Van der Vlist (1964) obtained relevant Supervisory Board experience from her current positions as non-executive board member at the Belgium company DPG Media Group and at the Dutch company BDR Thermea Group (smart thermal solutions). In the past, Ms. Van der Vlist held several senior executive management positions at a multitude of international companies, like Fujitsu, Dell, Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent and Eurofiber Group. With these positions, she has accumulated also relevant experience in the field of internationally growing companies as well as digitalization. Furthermore, she gained specific experience with the energy transition and electricity grids, having served Essent (Dutch utility) as Managing Director B2B.

Prior to today’s EGM, the Supervisory Board consisted of 3 members. The current chair Henk ten Hove was re-appointed during the annual shareholders meeting in April 2022. The members Willem Ackermans and Eline Oudenbroek of the Supervisory Board were appointed during an extra ordinary shareholders meeting in July 2020. In April 2023 the first term of Ms. Oudenbroek will expire. She has indicated she will not be available to accept a new term. Her workload does not combine with the responsibilities in her current executive job as Vice President Supply Chain. The Supervisory Board has therefore started a search for her successor. The aim is to propose a successor in the AGM of April next year, together with the structure of a board with an audit committee and a remuneration committee, as well as an update of the remuneration policy for the Supervisory Board.

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