Rieks: 'Watching the adolescents grow up is the best thing about my job'

They explain the theory to you at school. But that's not all you need. You must also be able to show that you can apply the theory in practice. And that you can do so in the right sequence. With the right tools. And safely. Alfen employs a Practical Supervisor to monitor all practical assignments.

Rieks de Vries is our practical supervisor. A tried and tested veteran in this field. Who knows what goes on in real life. And can explain this to students enthusiastically. 'You're never too old to learn'

His own career

Rieks began as an apprentice mechanic at the municipal energy company in Hoogeveen. During his first two years at work, he attended school one day a week. Afterwards he expanded his knowledge by following various evening classes. An ideal example of how working and learning can go together.

Rieks gained considerable experience as a mechanic in the entire electrical grid (both low voltage and medium voltage). He was also the mentor at the BAM in-house training centre in Nieuwleuzen. He trained approximately 80 people in this period to become low-voltage or medium-voltage mechanics.

Starting at Alfen

Rieks started at Alfen as practical supervisor in 2017. 'No better job anywhere', as he says himself. And because we at Alfen consider it important to continuously develop yourself, Rieks went back to school. He followed the 'Technical Sector Teacher & Instructor' training programme at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (the 'HvU') in order to gain his certificate in Didactic Pedagogics. And - it goes without saying - to be able to help our students even better.

Are you interested in a BBL track at Alfen?

Would you like to obtain an mbo certificate at our Alfen Academy? Please go ahead! At our expense. You work four-and-a-half days a week, and go to school on the 5th day. Or, in other words, you enrol in our competence development course (the 'BBL' pathway). So you like to get things done? Do you learn the most on the job? Then this is your chance! Contact our recruiter, Jiska Andeweg. You can reach her by phone, e-mail or app,