Alfen: the 2017 Training Company of the Year

Alfen considers it crucially important to train and coach new employees in the many faces of electrical engineering. We started our own in-house training centre as long ago as 2008. Since then we've been working hard in coaching our trainees. And to ensure they gain their certificate. Our efforts have led to various prizes.

We are particularly proud of being honoured as the 2017 Training Company of the Year. We were chosen from among 230,000 other training companies. We are incredibly proud of the following: The certificate for the 2017 Training Company of the Year takes pride of place on the counter at our reception desk.

Jury report

Extract from the jury report: "Alfen is a shining example of how a training company should set about its work as far as an electrical engineering training programme and intensive trainee supervision is concerned.

Many trainees find their way from here into higher education and remain with the company in various job positions. In addition, the alliance with the Deltion College as external training partner has proved itself to be extremely successful."

Internship company of the year

The Association of Almere Business Groups (the "VBA") proclaimed us "Internship Company of the Year" in 2009, 2013 and 2014.

Are you interested in a BBL competence development course at Alfen?

Have you completed your preparatory vocational secondary education (the 'VMBO')? Or are you working or studying at the moment, but feel it's time for something different? Then our Alfen Academy is the right place for you to combine working and learning in technology. At our expense. You work 4.5 days a week, and go to school on the 5th day. Or, in other words, you enrol in our competence development course (the 'BBL' pathway). So you like to get things done? Do you learn the most on the job? Then this is your chance! Contact our recruiter, Jiska Andeweg. You can reach her by phone, e-mail or app,