Greener and Alfen supply festival season with clean battery energy

  • Energy storage
  • Greener
  • Leeuwarden - the Netherlands
  • 2018

Greener, a green energy supplier for events and off-grid projects, bought eight new mobile energy storage systems at Alfen. The mobile storage systems are used all over Europe to offer a green alternative for temporary diesel-fuelled generators, for instance at festivals.

One of the first storage systems that was delivered supplied the entire 'Welcome to The Village' festival in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, with clean battery energy. Welcome to The Village is one of the greenest festivals in the world and aims to be fully circular in 2022.

The storage system was used to absorb the electricity spike caused by the lights and music at the festival. Previously, the electricity spike was absorbed by diesel-fuelled generators. The mobile battery storage systems are clean and green and can offer everything the traditional diesel-fuelled generators do.

World record

Greener already provides green energy at various events and festivals based on the storage system of Alfen, including Awakenings Easter Special in Amsterdam, Awakenings Festival in Spaarnwoude, the Netherlands and MadNes on Ameland, the Netherlands.

Earlier in the year 2018, Greener and Alfen set a world record by simultaneously charging electric vehicles at the world's largest parade for sustainable vehicles in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Together they supplied the electricity needed for the world's first fully mobile and off-grid EV charging hub.