01 August 2023

New AFIR law facilitates electric driving in Europe – what are the benefits for Alfen customers and EV drivers?

Great news for electric vehicle (EV) drivers and businesses in Europe! The European Union has taken a significant step towards boosting electric mobility by approving the “Infrastructure for Alternative Fuels Regulation” (AFIR). This regulation is part of the Fit for 55 package, which is aimed at reducing the EU’s net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050. In this blog post, I’ll explain the key aspects of AFIR and explore the advantages it offers our B2B customers, their customers and end-users – the ultimate EV drivers.  

Author: Chris Heineman, Alfen 

What is AFIR? 

The AFIR law, a part of the Fit for 55 package, was proposed by the European Commission in 2021. It focuses on establishing a comprehensive infrastructure for alternative fuels, with a particular emphasis on EV charging stations.

By June 2022, the Transport Council reached a general agreement on the proposal, and after negotiations with the European Parliament, a preliminary agreement was reached in March 2023, finalising the regulation. In late July 2023, the European Commission actually adopted the new law. 

Key AFIR provisions  

After the expected ‘in force’ date in Q1 2024, new EV chargers will accept regular payment methods such as debit card and QR code payments and provide price information such as price per kWh and per charging session.  

Starting in 2025, AFIR will ensure the presence of fast-charging stations every 60 kilometres along major highways within the European Union. For passenger cars, these EV charging stations must offer a maximum power capacity of 150kW, while for trucks, the stations should provide at least 350kW charging capability. This expansion of charging infrastructure will make long-distance travel more convenient for EV drivers, instilling confidence in the availability of charge points throughout their journeys across the European continent. 

Furthermore, for every battery EV and plug-in hybrid EV, the total charger-capacity is determined to ensure an ample number of chargers and optimal charging speeds are available throughout all of Europe.  

Impact on businesses and our customers 

For Alfen’s B2B customers, AFIR offers a host of advantages, including: 

  1. Compliance with EU regulations: Our customers can rest assured that Alfen is working on ensuring that its charging solutions comply with the latest EU requirements, making our EV charging stations future-proof and ready to meet the growing demand for electric mobility. 
  2. Increased sales and market opportunities: Being at the forefront of AFIR compliance gives our customers a competitive advantage. They will be well-prepared to cater to the rising number of EV drivers who seek convenient and accessible charging solutions. 
  3. Mass EV adoption: As charging becomes more accessible and transparent, mass EV adoption is expected to accelerate, benefiting both our B2B customers and the environment by limiting climate change. 

Benefits for end users: EV drivers 

AFIR offers several benefits for EV drivers, making electric driving more convenient and attractive: 

  1. Easy and transparent payments: The new law ensures that charging stations offer non-subscription-based payment options, allowing EV drivers to pay without charge cards, accounts or subscriptions. Introducing QR codes for charging stations below 50kW simplifies the payment process even further. 
  2. Wider charging network: EV drivers will enjoy an expanded network of charging stations, both locally and along major routes, making long-distance travel and vacations more hassle-free. 
  3. Cost transparency: With AFIR, EV drivers can see charging costs upfront, enabling better budgeting and comparison of charging rates, thereby lowering overall travel costs.  
  4. Enhanced user experience: Charging station operators are required to provide clear information on availability and waiting times, ensuring a more convenient experience for EV drivers. 

Alfen’s commitment to AFIR 

As a leading provider of EV charging infrastructure, Alfen is fully committed to complying with AFIR and continuously meeting the evolving needs of our B2B customers and EV drivers. Our charging solutions will enable seamless electronic payments, easy access to charging stations and full transparency in pricing, all in alignment with AFIR requirements.

We are also working on upgrading our charging stations for the public domain to support QR code payments and price transparency, ensuring a smooth transition for our customers. More details about these improvements will be made available starting from 2024. 


AFIR is a significant step towards facilitating electric driving in Europe. By expanding the charging infrastructure, enhancing payment options and ensuring cost transparency, AFIR will boost mass EV adoption, driving us closer to achieving the EU’s ambitious climate goals.  

As a key player in the EV charging industry, Alfen is excited about the opportunities AFIR offers our B2B customers and EV drivers. We are committed to AFIR compliance and continuing to play our part in creating a greener and more sustainable future for all. 

Stay charged with Alfen, your partner in electric mobility! 

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