Dynamic Load Balancing

Electric vehicles are typically charged at high intensity. When a number of electric vehicles are connected at the same time, the electrical installation cannot always provide the required capacity. Alfen Charging Equipment (ACE) has developed a smart solution to distribute the available power supply more evenly. The result is a safe charging situation without the need to invest in a heavy and expensive connection.

How does this impact charging speed?

The intelligent charging station has been designed in such a way that your vehicle is charged as quickly as possible. That is the reason that Load Balancing is only activated if required. In other situations, electric vehicles are charged at full capacity. In most cases, even with two cars, the charging station will deliver the maximum power per socket.

How does a charging station react if Dynamic Load Balancing is activated?

When numerous vehicles need to be charged and are thus connected to a charging station and the maximum available charging capacity is exceeded, the charging station engages Load Balancing and the following indicators are activated:

  • The status LED flashes dark blue: The charging station requests the first vehicle to adjust its charging capacity so that the available power supply can be better balanced;
  • The status LED flashes blue-cyan: The charging process of the second vehicle is started once the first vehicle has adjusted its own charging speed. When only one vehicle can be charged, the status LED will flash blue and blue-cyan.

How can you see that Load Balancing is activated?

When Load Balancing is activated, this is indicated with the help of the status LEDs on the user interface at the front of the charging station. Two situations are possible, namely:

  • The status LED flashes blue: The available power supply is distributed and the electric vehicle is charged at a lower capacity;
  • The status LED flashes blue-cyan: The available capacity is distributed over both vehicles by charging these one for one. Whenever this indicator is displayed, the charging process is temporarily interrupted. Charging is resumed once sufficient power supply is restored.