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TheBattery Mobile X delivers green energy wherever it is needed

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TheBattery Mobile X for mobile applications

Alfen’s TheBattery Mobile is an innovative and reliable multi-functional mobile energy storage system. Based on more than 5 years of experience and product maturation, TheBattery Mobile X is Alfen’s latest and best solution capable of reliably providing the power and energy you need for events, construction sites, EV charging hubs and many other locations. It is Alfen’s 4th generation mobile battery energy storage system which is even more versatile and flexible than the previous generations and can provide up to 70% more energy within the same form factor. It truly empowers your energy transition.

Up to 720kWh of energy and 270kW of power packed in just a 10 feet ISO standard container. This makes TheBattery Mobile X powerful and yet easy to transport and install at any location. Modern quick powerlock connections make it possible to connect it to an input and load within minutes. Your power or energy shortage can be solved in no time with this product and provides you with a sustainable solution.

The product can be used both on- and off-grid for any time period, whether you need it for a few days or multiple weeks, months or even years. Also, it is suited for a wide range of power inputs, from 32A up to 400A.

The intelligent battery controller makes many applications possible. For instance, if you want to use a high load on a small connection the peakshave module enables this. Also, TheBattery Mobile X can create strong grids where there is a weak grid connection and can even be used as a frequency converter from 50 to 60Hz or the other way around. Or if you are at a remote location and running on diesel power it can reduce fuel consumption up to 80% and thus prevent significant CO2 emissions. Also, if there is solar power on site, diesel may be eliminated completely. Additionally, the battery can provide ancillary services. This means that while TheBattery is not used at a certain site it can be grid connected and still drive revenue. Such grid connection is quickly and easily made with Alfen’s Connection Hub that supports multiple Mobiles. Such hub is best placed next to a renewable asset to also be able to charge TheBattery Mobiles with sustainable energy once they are needed at site. The system is delivered with a pre-installed 4G modem and there are various choices to control TheBattery Mobile X. You can use your own embedded RTU and Modbus, the HMI touchscreen of the container, or Alfen’s backoffice called TheBattery Connect. Choose whatever works best for you.

To embed your RTU, TheBattery Mobile X has a dedicated reserved area where your hardware can be installed. Next to the network connection to the internal network and internet connection, a 24V 2A power supply and 230V 4A power supply is also available.

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Green energy at every location

Alfen's pioneering mobile concept can be universally applied where temporary green energy is required.

TheBattery Mobile X is the sustainable alternative for diesel generators and the solution for limited grid connections.

TheBattery Mobile in action

Alfen energy storage solution BMW mobile battery EV charging integrated

Charging vehicles during event

is something this robust mobile battery can carry out seamlessly.

TheBattery Mobile in action

Alfen energy storage solution mobile battery fast charger

Fast charger optimisation

for electric vehicles is also no problem whatsoever.

TheBattery Mobile in action

Alfen energy storage solution harbour mobile battery crane

Maritime operations

This battery facilitates various maritime solutions such as shore power provision.