TheBattery Mobile

TheBattery Mobile delivers green energy wherever it is needed

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TheBattery Mobile for mobile applications

TheBattery Mobile is Alfen's green alternative for diesel generators. It consists of a mobile 10 ft. container based on automotive batteries. The compact design supplies up to 422 kWh in energy capacity and up to 300 kVA in power.

The system has an external connection socket and operating panel with power locks and an HMI to connect and operate the system safely and quickly. TheBattery Mobile is often used at locations that require a temporary power supply such as festivals, building sites and grid junctions.

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Green energy at every location

Alfen's pioneering mobile concept can be universally applied where temporary green energy is required.

TheBattery Mobile is the sustainable alternative for diesel generators and the solution for limited grid connections.

TheBattery Mobile in action

Alfen energy storage solution BMW mobile battery EV charging integrated

Charging vehicles during event

is something this robust mobile battery can carry out seamlessly.

TheBattery Mobile in actie

Alfen energy storage solution mobile battery fast charger

Fast charger optimisation

for electric vehicles is also no problem whatsoever.

TheBattery Mobile in actie

Alfen energy storage solution harbour mobile battery crane

Maritime operations

This battery facilitates various maritime solutions such as shore power provision.