3MW energy storage for Nuon

  • Energy storage
  • Nuon-Vattenfall
  • Prinses Alexia Windpark, Zeewolde, the Netherlands
  • 2017

Unfortunately, sometimes wind turbines cannot be used even though it is a windy day. The energy that is generated is more than the power grid can absorb and gets lost. This problem is now being solved at Nuon’s Prinses Alexia Windpark in Zeewolde, the Netherlands. Dutch company Alfen developed a mega energy storage system by connecting a large number of BMW car batteries. The system stores the surplus of energy so that it can be used when the grid requires the power at a later moment in time.

Nuon invests in the generation of renewable energy from wind and sun. It is of course a pity if this renewable energy cannot be used. 'Use it or lose it'; has always been the dilemma for renewable energy from the sun and wind. The Alfen mega energy storage system helps to smooth peaks and troughs in power supply and better match the demand for energy. In this way we are creating more flexibility and stability in the system to facilitate renewable energy.

3 megawatt energy storage system at Prinses Alexia Windpark

Together with BMW and Nuon, Alfen launched its 3 megawatt storage system at the Prinses Alexia Windpark in Zeewolde on Wednesday 28 June. The system will be expanded to 12 megawatt over the coming period, making it the largest storage project in the Netherlands.

This is the second project that connects energy storage to a wind farm. In May this year, Alfen realized a 1 megawatt storage system linked to wind farm Giessenwind at Giessenburg.

With the project at Prinses Alexia Windpark, Nuon and its parent Vattenfall make an important step forward in realizing their sustainable ambition to be climate neutral in 2050. Project Manager Boudewijn Tjeertes at Nuon says: "This will enable us to make flexible use of renewable energy without wasting energy. And we are looking further: for example, we are planning to install a battery in residential areas with many houses with rooftop solar. In this way residents can use their solar energy that is generated during the day to charge their car at night. Today this is still happening with energy from fossil fuels."

Compatible with BMW batteries

For its collaboration with Nuon, Alfen has made its energy storage system compatible with BMW batteries. Andreas Plenk, responsible for global sales of energy storage systems at Alfen: "Our system is compatible with multiple batteries. The excellent collaboration with both Nuon and BMW has made it possible to realize this innovative system in a short period of time. In addition, the installation has a modular set-up which makes it easy to expand in the future."