Gerbera United: Lighting stations for greenhouse horticulturist

  • Smart Grids
  • Gerbera United B.V.
  • Zevenhuizen, The Netherlands
  • 2019

Nursery Gerbera United is an expert in growing gerberas. This greenhouse horticulturist is located in the Netherlands and operates no less than 7.5 hectares of greenhouses. Here, stations delivered by Alfen are used for all daily operations and lighting the flowers. 

For the expansion of Gerbera United’s activities, Alfen consulted project partner Voshol Warmte-Elektrotechniek and delivered a new compact station, while also converting an existing station; the latter being an indoor transformer substation installed at a location that was quite hard to access. Despite this challenge, Alfen was able to convert and recommission the station in a single day.

For the new station, Alfen did not only provide for transport and placement, but also installed all medium voltage cables, by applying a special directional drilling method.

For this project, Alfen delivered the following products and services:

  • Delivery of a new Diabolo 40H substation
  • Conversion of an existing Diabolo 40H
  • Installing medium voltage cables.
  • Testing and commissioning