Charging stations

From home charging to the office and the public domain - charging stations for every application

  • All products are robust, safe and reliable

  • Maximising charging speed, optimising energy consumption

  • Large, full-colour screen offers a simple interface

  • Up to 100 Alfen charging stations at a single location

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Overlay video Load Balancing

Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic Load Balancing implies that the charging station itself distributes the available energy over the vehicles that require charging. This enables optimal charging without the need for major investment.

Where is the charging station used?

Need support at a charging station?

If a charging station is malfunctioning, contact your charge point operator or installer of the Alfen charging station.

Are you a charge point operator or installer? Please check the Alfen Knowledge Base for charging stations.

Comprehensive service throughout Europe

Alfen charging stations are designed in such a way that they require little maintenance while delivering optimal dependability. If for any reason you are un able to charge your vehicle, or should you have any questions whatsoever about your charging station, please do not hesitate to contact one of our professional, Europe-wide service organisations.

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